Scholarship established!

March 13, 2011

Hello all,

A quick update on those interested in the Michael Whitbread scholarship.

It has been established!

Applications are now open through the UTS law faculty website:

I encourage all motorcycle enthusiast UTS law students to apply!




Hello all,

Sorry to everybody who has checked this blog over the last few months to find that I have not added anything new.

The last month or so of the trip was pretty busy (mainly organising to get the bike back into Australia).

I’m now back home in Sydney, and just started my new job last week. The journey is over, and normal life is starting to resume. As strange as that is.

Lots of people have been asking me ‘When are you going to finish your blog?’. Well, it’s right at the top of things I’m wanting to do. I’m currently writing, I have nearly finished writing about India. Then I’ll write about Nepal and SE Asia.

I’ll make another post on this home page when I publish some more stories.



Kuala Lumpur

December 15, 2010

Hello all,

We (Yui and I) have just arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur.

It’s been a very busy and testing couple of weeks. The heat and monsoon has attacked us at every opportunity, though generally Thailand was beautiful.

We rode first north to Chiang Mai, where we visited elephants and flew like gibbons through the canopy of great forests. We headed back to Bangkok for some shopping and rest before continuing on to Phuket and eventually Phi Phi Island. We spent a much needed few days resting on the beach there with Laith, before heading on south towards KL.

No more riding anymore, and Yui is happy about that! I think her back is starting to ache from all the time on the bike.

Since we’ve been so busy I have not had any time to write up my adventures from India and Nepal. Though don’t worry, I have not forgotten them. I’m going to delay it until after Christmas, I’ll work on it then, and have it up probably around the new year.

All the best,

Michael and Yui


November 17, 2010

Feels like a refuge.

I remember coming here in the past, and I did not like the place that much. I remember it being unbearably hot, and the air feeling like it was full of pollution.

I arrived on my Nepal Airlines Flight on Monday (flew business class for the first time in my life and loved it!) and was instantly happy to be in a thoroughly modern and exciting city. I was so happy when I got on the train from the airport to the city, it was clean, arrived on time, and was not packed with people.

What’s more, I got my bike out of customs in one day, with a minimum of fuss, and very little money (in comparison to India).

Thankyou Bangkok!


Blog updates

October 22, 2010

please note: I have now added in stories and photos from Turkey and Iran. Click ‘Stories from Asia’ and follow the links.

Also take a look at the ‘Michael Whitbread scholarship’ section. Please help out in any way you can. Forward on details about the scholarship to any individuals or organisations you think may be interested. Feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Hello all,

I know it’s been a while between posts, I’ve been very busy in India. It’s a very busy place.

I’m currently in North West India. In a little mountain town called Dharamsala. This place is famous as the place where the exiled Tibetan government and spiritual leader, the Dalai Llama, have lived for the last fifty years. It’s full of friendly Tibetan refugees and lots of great Tibetan food.

I’m a little sad to say it, though it’s very nice to be out of mainstream India. India is a tiring place, though it can be beautiful, more often than not it’s a sight of stinking rubbish that attracts your attention. I have managed to do a bit of writing while I have been here. In the coming days two new pieces of writing (with photos attached) will be added to a new ‘Stories from Asia’ section.  Stories from Turkey and Iran.

Look out also for another new and exciting section of the blog; relating to the Michael Whitbread scholarship! That’s right. That should be up in the next 24 hours.

All the best to everyone,


The Islamic Republic of Iran

September 14, 2010

In Tabiz,

Spent most of today squatting on the toilet :-(. I’m sad to say that my so far iron clad digestive system has been disturbed.

It’s  a diet of lemonade and gatorade for the next day or so.

On more positive news: Iran is beautiful, in some ways :). The people are quite astonishing in their desire to know and help you. So far I have been fed for free, shown around town for free, received free medical advice and free drugs.

I’m trying to work out freight of the bike over (or around) Pakistan. This is proving difficult, mainly because it’s not done. When I have not been on the toilet I have been on the phone to shipping and airfreight companies, all who say the same thing ‘It is very difficult Mr Michael’.

It seems that increased pressure from the US and Europe on Iran has meant increased beurocracy and cost in shipping goods out of Iran… Ridiculous really.

Well. I have lots of photo’s and stories to update relating to Turkey and now Iran. Though at the moment I don’t have the strength to spend the hours required on the laptop putting them up.

All the best,



September 10, 2010

Currently in Dogubayazit, the Turkish border town on the Turkey-Iran border.

This place is pretty receptive towards foreigners, thanks mainly to a big mountain that stands next to it. Europeans and North Americans come here to climb the mountain, and there are plenty of hotels and services for foreigners This is a real relief, let me tell you.

When I was riding here last night, I had an interesting experience in the town of Agri. I was planning on making it all the way to dog-biscuit yesterday. Though it was getting dark when I arrived at Agri (still around 80km’s to go to dog biscuit) so I thought I might ride into town and find a hotel.

As I turned into town all these young boys started chasing the bike, they were all smiling and very happy. It was great!

I slowed down a little bit, so as not to hit any of them, and then they struck! They all had stones and rocks in their hands, and they all threw them at me. A few hit me, and they packed a bit of a punch. I got the hell out of there pretty quickly!

I rode on to dog biscuit and eventually settled in a cheap and comfortable hotel. I’m going out to inspect this mountain now, Mt Ararat I think it’s called.  Over 5000m I’m told.

I should enter Iran in the coming days. My visa for Iran gives me 25 days. In that time I need to transverse the country, and organise shipping out of Iran to India.

All the best,


It’s gone

August 26, 2010

One hour of wrenching, crunching and pulling and the tooth is gone.

Goodbye to one wisdom tooth.

It proved difficult, as it was lodged tight between the bone and next tooth.

Now a few days of liquid food, antibiotics and painkillers.

Then, we’ll be on the road to Iran!


So it turns out that the tooth ache was a little more serious than I thought.

I will be here another week…

Tonight the root canal therapy will begin. Three treatments of this over one week.

On Thursday I am having the painful teeth taken out…

Just took some of the paikillers the dentist gave me… feeling mmm